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Ithute Consulting promotes financial awareness through:
  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
The importance of Financial Awareness

In 2003, the World Competitiveness Report revealed that South Africa had the second-lowest economic literacy among 49 countries. Financial literacy and awareness is important in ensuring that individuals at all levels can make informed decisions about their finances.

Millions of South Africans earning a salary are not only debt-ridden, but they also have minimum understanding and lack of awareness on what they earn and spend; on their pensions and provident benefits, on risk assurance such as life, disability and dread disease cover to name a few. As a result, many employees earning a salary are not aware of how their income is spent; they cannot operate within a budget nor focus on long-term financial objectives. This ultimately results in them not being able to meet the demands of their financial obligations and results in them becoming debt-ridden.

A lack of education has also resulted in a large number of South Africans not being able to retire financially comfortable. Stats SA has compiled research whereby it was found that only 6% of South Africans will retire financially comfortable. Those who reach retirement age and have failed to adequately plan for their retirement become a burden not only on their families but also on the state. In order to reduce the future economic pressure that a society may be faced with, it is important to educate and create awareness on the importance of financially planning for one's objectives.

Financial Awareness and Education can attain the following:

    Financial Freedom
  • Wealth Creation
  • Reduction in stress
  • Meeting Financial objectives
  • Manageable Debt
  • Reduction in Debt
  • Increased productivity in the work place


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